Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Martina McBride's New Theatre Tour Is Unique

Martina says that it (click to see the tour dates) allows her to do things she wouldn't do in a normal arena tour.  It's a more intimate show, but also, she explains,  
“You can pace your show a little bit differently, you can play more album cuts and more ballads and it becomes less about keeping people up on their feet all night long and more about connecting and kind of going on a musical journey.  And so this show is really for my fans.”  

The people she put the show together for are her die-hard fans, the ones who will know and appreciate more than just the Martina songs they've heard on the radio. 

Besides her current single, “Marry Me,” and some of her previous hits, Martina is also enjoying mixing in some album cuts and obscure songs and past singles.  She says, “I'm gonna really just dig in and we're doing pretty much every-where a two hour show.  So it's just a lot of fun.”

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