Monday, March 12, 2012

Go To The Movies With Rascal Flatts

Their new album featuring their latest single “Banjo” releases on April 3rd. Two days later, on April 5th, their new theater event—a mix of high-energy concert & in-depth documentary—Rascal Flatts Changed, will be in theaters nationwide.
Jay DeMarcus explains, “This is our own documentary that we spent the last few months putting together and doing extensive interviews about everything from growing up in broken homes to how we got started in music to right now and things that have happened in our lives that changed us.”
The one night only event will give fans a chance to get to know Gary, Jay and Joe Don individually, which Jay says, “is kind of neat, because most of the time we spend a lot of time focusing on the band but … I think that people are gonna really see a lot of different sides of the three guys in Rascal Flatts during this 90 minutes.”

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