Thursday, August 25, 2011

Blake In Cosmo

Blake Shelton has landed one of country's hottest women, Miranda Lambert, and he's sharing some of the things he likes most about her in a new feature in Cosmopolitan

The story actually has Blake laying out what makes a guy think a girl is really a keeper, and the first sign a girl is on the right track is if they guy wants to be the girl's best friend. Says Blake, "As a man, you want a woman who makes you want to be buddies with her as much as you want to be romantic with her because you like her that much." 

Blake also thinks a woman who sticks to her guns is sexy. He says, "What I love about my wife is that she knows what she likes, and she never makes apologies for it. That confidence is very attractive."

Blake also thinks men and women alike should use their talents and skills to continue impressing each other. "I'd always pull out my guitar and play a song," he says, "Women should show off their talents too." Blake goes on to say that women who are able to chill at a sports bar and hang with her guys' friends is a definite plus.

Lastly, Blake thinks most guys would prefer staying in with their girl. "We much prefer staying home and having a drink with you," he says of his male counterparts. "Miranda likes doing that too, and it's one of the reasons we work." 

For more of Blake's dating advice, pick up the September issue of Cosmopolitan, on sale now.

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