Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dierks Bentley Travels Light

Bentley has spent his share of time on the road – whether “on a plane” or a tour bus. And after all these years of being a road warrior, he’s managed to boil down his absolute “must have” items to a pretty concise list. “You’ve got to have cold beer,” he says, and that means “You’ve got to have ice [and] you’ve got to have a red solo cup.”

The rest of Dierks’ list is pretty basic – sunglasses and a trucker’s cap. Equipped with all that, he’s “good-to-go” and ready to bring his Riser Tour to a city near you!

“I’ve got some pretty normal ‘must haves.’ I mean, you’ve got to have cold beer…which means you’ve got to have ice. You’ve got to have a red solo cup. Sunglasses are good. Trucker hat. That’s all I need.”

Dierks’ latest hit from his Riser album – “Drunk On a Plane” – is rising toward the top of the charts, continuing its climb through the top 10 this week.

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