Monday, May 5, 2014

Tim McGraw's Subtle Themes and Common Threads In His Albums

McGraw will release his new album, Sundown Heaven Town in September, featuring his latest single, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s” and his first single from the album, “Lookin’ for That Girl.”

People often ask if there is a common thread or a theme to the songs on an album, and Tim says, “There are those big, sort of over-reaching, big ideas about a record … and it breaks down from time to time. It’s not necessary, you don’t always fill out the full idea, and the big idea his right here is why I’m socially awkward. I try to branch out and meet new people and this is what happens. I really need to write a book. doesn’t always apply.”

Sometimes the commonality among the songs may not be so obvious. Tim says, “I mean, you can reach in and find moments where well that doesn’t really fit with what you’re sayin’, but I think that there’s things in there that do. There’s always some theme in a song, whether it be musically, whether it be lyrically, whether it just be where it sits in the record that sort of makes all those things come to fruition.”

Sundown Heaven Town, which will be available on September 16th.

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