Monday, May 12, 2014

Rascal Flatts Focus On Sincerity and Harmonies On Their New Album

The supergroup is releasing their new album, Rewind, on Tuesday, and they say when it came to picking the songs for this project, it was all about songs that moved them, that they believed in and that made them feel something. “We cut songs that touch us because if they don’t touch us first, there’s no way in the world we’re going to be able to sell those songs to somebody else,” explains Jay. He also adds, “Gary is a terrible, terrible faker. If he gets in the booth and he doesn’t whole-heartedly believe in a song, he’s gonna have tough time deliverin’ it, and that’s not to slight him as a singer, but he’s gotta feel it in his soul before he delivers it.”

Jay also explains that they took a different approach with the production on this album. “We also made a conscious effort to make it more about the song and more about the harmonies and the presentation than about the production. So, as opposed to like puttin’ a track together where something’s happening every single second and filling every hole, we really kinda stripped it away and only put the parts in the tracks that mattered most.”

The guys will celebrate the release of Rewind with a unique launch party in Los Angeles, where they will perform an acoustic set, while those in attendance enjoy wines that have been specially chosen to pair with the songs. Jay admits, “I haven’t for a second thought about what song would be paired with what wine. First of all, I’m not a really big wine enthusiast.” But Joe Don enjoys good wine and he says, “I’ve got some ideas … I think light wines, like a little Merlot might be good for like ‘Memphis,’ something that’s a little lighter. But then you get something bold that’s got a blended, like a Sauvignon, like maybe a Chardonnay or something like that that’s mixed, I don’t know. Maybe some reds and some whites and just throw ‘em in a box and see who can drink it down first.” Jay jokes that he’d love to see a boxed wine at the event, which is being hosted exclusively for CITI card members on Rewind’s release day, May 13th.

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