Monday, May 26, 2014

Justin Moore Might Have Considered Personal Trainer If He Had A Plan B

This summer he will be doing a lot of traveling as he covers the fair and festival circuit across the country.
Things are going great for Moore these days, with his latest single, “Lettin’ the Night Roll” in the top ten and climbing, which is a good thing, because he admits he never really had a plan B if a career in music didn’t work out. Justin says, “I always thought if you had a Plan B it meant you were givin’ up on Plan A before you got it goin’ or gave it shot, which to kids out there, don’t go by my logic ‘cause sometimes Plan A don’t work out.”

Looking back, Justin says there was a time he thought being a physical trainer for a professional sports team, like his beloved Atlanta Braves, might have been cool. The way he sees it, “I’m not really doin’ anything that different than that now, you know. Obviously it’s not in the medical field, but I would have been travelin’ on weekends and seein’ different parts of the country and beyond and that’s what I’m doin’ right now. So, I would definitely say lookin’ back, after I’ve done what I’ve done for so long, I could never go to work 9 to 5 for somebody in an office. I would have to have flexibility to kinda go and come as I please.”

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