Monday, February 24, 2014

"Making An Album Should Purge You Emotionally and Leave Fans Wanting More"

Tim McGraw will release his new album in May, featuring his latest single, “Lookin’ for That Girl,” and he says when he approaches making a record, “It’s about makin’ a great record, about makin’ somethin’ you feel proud of, makin’ somethin’ that sort of purges you emotionally. If it doesn’t purge you emotionally, then you’re not gonna have the reaction you want from the fans who listen to it, because music has to be cathartic, and all art is about purging your emotions.”

At the same time, for Tim, making an album is about trying to achieve something he will never achieve. 

He says, “If it doesn’t leave some questions unanswered, and it doesn’t leave you to wanna go back in again and try to answer those questions, knowin’ that those questions aren’t gonna be answered the next time you do it either. It’s what makes art propel and makes an artist propel, and makes listeners stay engaged with you.”

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