Monday, June 17, 2013

Taylor Swift Twirls With Mick Jagger

Swift got the chance to perform with the legendary group The Rolling Stones earlier this month and she says, “It just was everything that you would think it would be but better.” 

Taylor admits that the Stones have always been on kind of a heroic pedestal in her mind, so she didn’t know what to expect, but she says, “They’re now at an even higher level of hero status for me. Mostly because of their attitude. Because of their hospitality. Because they hand-write notes, thanking you for being there. Because you get to get pictures with them and hang out with them.” 

One of her favorite moments of her performance was getting to twirl with Mick Jagger. She says it came about because “Mick and I were all rehearsing the song, in a dressing room, with a piano and – we were just kinda goofing around and we started dancing, like waltz – like over-exaggerated ballet moves. And then we started twirling around the room.” 

And she says, “We ended up incorporating a twirl into the performance, I think, in homage to the hilarious musical rehearsal that we had that day.” 

Taylor performed “As Tears Go By” with the band earlier this month in Chicago. You can see their performance here.

Listen to and download the full audio clip.

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