Monday, June 10, 2013

Florida Georgia Line Contemplates Fatherhood (Down The Road)

Brian and Tyler are both single guys, and although they’ve been spending time on the road with a lot of guys with families, they say the only babies they’re worried about making these days are great songs and number one hits. 
“I think we both look forward to getting married one day and having kids,” says Brian, “but right now, we’re so focused on FGL and where we wanna get and where we wanna be, that we don’t have any time for that right now.” Tyler agrees that seeing their buddies like Jake Owen and Luke Bryan enjoy successful marriages and careers and families is encouraging and he says, “I’m sure me and BK will both look forward to those days way, way down the road.” 

The reality, Brian says, is “We don’t even have time to have a dog, so to make that commitment to being married and to have a kid, I think it’s a huge responsibility. When the time’s right, it will happen. When God says the time’s right it’ll definitely happen. But we’re just enjoying this time of being young and free, and a little wild in there too.”

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