Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Case Of The Stolen Pistol Annies Gear

Calling all Annies! The group has had their gear, merch, and new music stolen by Cassius Banks, the mysterious CEO of Vanilla Records, and his new musical band of bland henchmen, The One Tones.

They've taken everything the girls need to release their album Annie Up (including autographed vinyl records, custom guitars, designer clothes from the photoshoot, personal notebooks, album art, and more) and hidden it across the country! Watch the entire story unfold online.

The Annies are hot on the trail of The One Tones, but they need your help! Follow them on Twitter to see where they are headed and pick up clues on where you can find their stolen gear.

Every time an actual item of the Annies is found, exciting new merch opportunities and content are unlocked for the entire online community, including exclusive items-of-one, limited pre-order packages, exclusive video content and much more!

Each member of the Henhouse who physically finds a missing item will be handsomely rewarded with not only the actual autographed one-of-a-kind item they found, but a flyaway opportunity to literally join the adventure and help celebrate the release of Annie Up at a once-in-a-lifetime Pistol Annies show in a secret location!

Join the adventure now at and follow the girls on their quest to find their stolen gear!  @PistolAnnies @HollerAnniePA @HippieAnniePA @LoneStarAnniePA

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  1. Such a fun game for the fans! I actually just caught their new video for "Hush Hush" from and it got me pumped for this new album :)