Sunday, February 17, 2013

Florida Georgia Line Love Performing Their New Single Live

"FGL" is currently out on the road with Luke Bryan on the Dirt Road Diaries Tour, and Brian Kelley says one of the songs that has been a lot of fun to perform live is their latest single, “Get Your Shine On.”  He says, “It’s one of the ones that – even before it was our current single, it went over well really live.”

He remembers last fall when they played Joe’s Bar in Chicago, they recorded the show and he says, “We were going back to the studio, listening to certain things and we muted everything else and you could hear just the crowd. Everybody was singing every word to that, so we knew it was going to be the biggest song live and it’s going really well in the arenas.” Not only does the song sound great, but it looks cool from their perspective on stage.

Brian says, “It’s really cool to look around and look up and all the way to the back and everybody seems to be partying, their hands are in the air. And we have a little section in the solo of that song - I’ll go out and kind of get everybody’s hands going and it’s pretty cool.”

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