Monday, February 25, 2013

Faith Hill Keeps Tim McGraw On His Toes On Stage

One listen to Tim’s latest single, “One of Those Nights,” and it’s obvious he’s a very talented singer, but he admits that performing on stage with Faith during their Soul2Soul shows in Las Vegas is both awe inspiring and challenging:

“I don’t get to sing with my wife that much. Only when we tour together and a handful of charity events have we ever been on stage together and actually sang together. So, it always sort of …sets me aback a bit to be up there and to hear her sing. Because she’s truly one of the greatest singers I’ve ever heard.” 

Performing with Faith also pushes Tim to be better because he says, “When so much soul comes out of her and to be on stage with her and to see her just sort of light the place up when she opens her mouth and sings is something that I catch myself having to really pay attention to what I’m doing ‘cause I get lost from listening to her. It certainly makes me a better singer ‘cause you can’t just go up and phone it in with her because she won’t allow that with her voice. You have to really be on top of your game.”

Soul2Soul (click to watch video) will run through mid-April at The Venetian in Las Vegas.

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