Monday, August 27, 2012

Florida Georgia Line Has No Pigskin Beef

The group continues to watch their debut single, “Cruise,” move up the charts, and like many Americans, this fall they'll turn their attention to watching football. 
You would think with Tyler Hubbard being from Monroe, Georgia and Brian Kelley being from Ormond Beach, Florida, they might have a big college football rivalry between them since the Georgia Bulldogs and University of Florida Gators are fierce competitors, but Tyler says there really is no beef.  “I'm not a diehard anybody fan really, to be honest with you,” he confesses.  Of course if
he had to pick a team it would be the Georgia Bulldogs, but he says, “BK went to Florida State, so there's not much beef there.  And then you know, he hates Florida, so there's not any beef there and his second team is Georgia…” 
So Brian says, “I think it kind of makes people mad that there's no beef.”

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