Monday, June 11, 2012

Meet Thomas Rhett

Thomas Rhett (“Something to Do With My Hands”) admits that as much as possible he avoids asking his dad, Rhett Akins, for help with things like finishing a song.  He says the reason is because “I’m a big believer in not riding my dad’s coattails.” 

He admits that he’s had the luxury of meeting a lot of great people in the industry through his dad, who was an artist in the 90s and is now a mega-hit songwriter and he says, “I write with my dad a bunch and he is a huge influence on my songwriting but no, when I write a song with people I’m usually never tempted to bring it to him because there’s a sense of wanting to do it by myself and make my own way in this business so that nobody can say that I rode my dad’s coattails into the music business.”

Rhett welcomed friends Jerrod Neimann and Miranda Lambert to his jam-packed show at Joe’s Bar in Chicago Saturday night following the Brad Paisley Wrigley Field show.

Miranda jumped up on stage and joined Thomas for a version of “Kiss My Country Ass” (made famous by her husband and penned by Thomas’ dad).

Jerrod also shared the stage for renditions of “Lover, Lover” and “One More Drinkin’ Song”.

Thomas is gearing up this week to launch his run on Toby Keith’s LIVE IN OVERDRIVE Tour; the trek kicks off Thursday night in Salt Lake City.

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