Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Sound Of A Million of David Nail's Dreams

When Nail headed to the historic Alabama Theatre in Birmingham, he knew that the dreams songs held for people were as vast as the people themselves - and it made his goal of creating a video for the title track to his The Sound of a Million Dreams something that could evoke those meanings without taking away people's most essential truths. Working with award-winning director Chris Hicky, the singer, recently tapped as one of People Country's Hottest Guys, created a tour de force music video that balances the song's elegance with the passion the Kennett, Missourian brings to his music.
 "That was the hardest thing," Nail acknowledges. "Knowing how specific certain songs can be to me - and knowing it's like that for other people, too. I don't wanna drown their version with my memories, but I always wanted to make sure people understood how personal music is to me and how much of my life is tied up in these songs: both the ones that I sing and the ones that I love."
Still, it's hard not to be moved by the video clip of Nail's father introducing his 6-year old son who comes out to the drums at a music recital, or watching the young man come of age. It is in making the personal universal that the video for "Dreams" finds much of its power. Closing with footage of his maternal Grandfather saying "Next time I'll come to Vegas...," you see how deep the blood runs.

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