Monday, April 9, 2012

Eli Young Band Feels The Momentum

The group has begun to truly understand the meaning of, “opening the floodgates.” Prior to scoring their first number one hit with “Crazy Girl,” their career was steadily progressing and slowly growing, but since then, they can definitely feel the momentum picking up and more doors opening, almost like a snowball effect of success.

They just took home the ACM for Song of the Year and Mike says he can absolutely feel things building. “I think we get a lot less sleep these days, which is fine by us. You know we‟ve been working hard for a long time and I think we always felt good about our career and felt good about where we were going but now it‟s like the good things just keep coming and they keep coming…”

By the same token the guys aren‟t naïve enough to think they can rest on their laurels or take their foot off the gas.

“We‟d be really foolish to think that things start snowballing on their own at this point,” says Jon. “This allows us open doors for us to work harder at and more opportunities for us to take advantage of. But we definitely aren‟t fooling ourselves to think that now something‟s on auto pilot.”

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