Monday, December 8, 2014

Tim McGraw Remembers When Christmas Changed For Him

With three daughters, Christmas is all about family and kids for McGraw, but he does recall one of his fondest memories of Christmas from his own childhood.

“I think one thing that I remember as a kid that was sort of a turning point for me growin’ up,” says Tim, “is I grew up with my mom and my two sisters. I remember bein’, I don’t know probably eleven-years-old or so, and my mom askin’ me to put together a doll house for my sisters, and that was the first time that I actually got to participate and like be the man of the house with my mom and put together all the Christmas stuff for my sisters, and that was sort of a big sort of a graduating to a young man, I think, in my eyes thing for me.”

As Tim heads into the holidays, his latest single, “Shotgun Rider,” off his Sundown Heaven Town album is top three and continuing to climb. So it looks like he could be celebrating Christmas with a new #1 song.

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