Monday, September 15, 2014

Tim McGraw Releasing Most Country Album In A While For Him

Tim makes no secret that he is influenced by many different musical genres and even musical decades, especially the 70’s, but he says his new album, Sundown Heaven Town, is “probably a little more country than the last couple records” he’s released.

Although that doesn’t mean that it’s going to sound like Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson or Merle Haggard. Tim explains, “It’s a country album because I’m singing it, but if you want to say, ‘Is it a traditional country? …’ It’s not a traditional country album, but I think it’s very encompassing of everything that I’ve done in my career. I think it’s a good microcosm of what my 20 years in music has been in a lot of ways, so I think that you can certainly hear parts of my career through all these songs.”

Sundown Heaven Town is out this week and features Tim’s latest single, “Shotgun Rider,” as well as his top five hit, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.” Fans can pick up the standard edition of the album which contains 13 songs, or a deluxe version, which features 18 songs.

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