Monday, September 22, 2014

A Sleepy Justin Moore Says Three Kids Is It For Him

Moore and his wife Kate welcomed their third daughter, Rebecca Klein, into the world a little over two months ago (July 14), and Justin says, “She’s happy and healthy and doing great but she doesn’t like to sleep too much.” In fact, Justin says, “I’m definitely having to go on the road right now to get sleep.”

Justin has three little girls, 4-year-old Ella, 2-year-old Kennedy and baby Rebecca, who he absolutely loves and adores, although he does say, “I wouldn’t mind having a boy but I love my girls.” However, he has absolutely no plans to have anymore children, although his wife might have other thoughts. Justin says, “My wife told me the other day, it was like four in the morning and we were up with the baby and she said, ‘I could do this again.’ I said, ‘Get away from me! I’m going to work, leave me alone.’” The “Home Sweet Home” singer jokes, “She can’t keep her hands off of me!”

Justin laughs and says it’s probably a good thing he’s out on tour right now with Miranda Lambert right now so that he’s not home with any possibility of baby number four.

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