Monday, August 12, 2013

The Band Perry In All CAPS

When you listen to their latest #1 song, “DONE.,” and the conviction that Kimberly sings with, you know that it is a song about being totally over it and at the end of you rope, but in case there was any doubt about the finality of the song, the trio decided that the actual title of the song would be written in all caps, with a period at the end of it. 
“It’s a song that, well, it talks about giving and giving and someone taking, taking, and never giving back. It’s just that point where you’ve literally had all you can,” explains Reid. “So I feel like all CAPS and the period just…well, like we say, it puts a period on the situation.” Kimberly agrees, “It’s very definitive. There’s no second, what, fifth chances, after this song.”
The Band Perry new single, “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely,” will officially impact radio later this month.


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