Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tim & Faith: Vegas Show Is Not Typical

The only thing better than seeing Tim McGraw or Faith Hill in concert, is seeing  Tim  and Faith together in concert.

And, as announced earlier this year, McGraw and Faith Hill just kicked off their 10-week Soul2Soul show at The Venetian in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Tim, himself, described the appeal of the show to Neil Haislop, "It’s such an intimate setting. I think that the main thing that we’re going to look at it is, as a chance to really connect with a small amount of people. Eighteen hundred people at one time in which… is a totally different thing than anything that we’re used to doing.”  He added, “In the past, it’s been two songs together then Faith would do her show, then we’d do two songs together, then I would do my show and then we would do 2 or 3 songs together at the end. So it’s been us together touring, but it’s also been our shows individually at the same time. That was really the focus of doing this, is this is really a chance to do something in a setting in one place, in a small, intimate setting that we could actually be on stage the entire time together.” 

You can get tickets and more information about Soul2Soul here.

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