Thursday, January 31, 2013

For Kenny Chesney, It's All About Life On A Rock

When Kenny heard "Pirate Flag," he knew it was an anthem for his No Shoes Nation. With its driving beat, the song of eschewing it all struck a chord with the 4 consecutive Academy of Country Music and 4 time Country Music Association Entertainer of the Year who's made a career out of coloring outside the obvious - and his instincts have been validated by USA Today five days before "Pirate Flag" even hits the airwaves.
"Every now and then, you come upon a song that says everything you feel," Chesney admits with a laugh. "For me, when I heard it, I just went, 'Yeah...' Because it captures the way freedom feels, that pumping in your blood when you know you've got two days and nobody to answer to.  I'm glad to know USA Today hears what I felt... It's easy to just shrug stuff off, act like 'Been there, done that.' But sometimes you've got something, and it won't let go. I guess they sense that hold (this song has), too."

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