Monday, January 16, 2012

The Band Perry Is In A Great Position To Review Country Concerts

Over the past year they have had a chance to open for a wide variety of headliners including Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Keith Urban and Reba and for them each new tour is an opportunity to win over new fans.
As Reid explains, "With all the artists we've been out with over the past year, we're seeing so many different people that wouldn't necessarily come out to a TBP show but, you know, fingers crossed and hopefully we're winning some of them over so in the future they would, you know, buy a TBP ticket and come out to see one of our shows as well."
While the Brad Paisley tour, which kicked off last Thursday, is another great opportunity to reach even more fans, Kimberly, Reid and Neil are excited to be part of the Virtual Reality Tour 2012 because Kimberly says, “One thing I've heard about the Paisley tour is that he's just such a great guy and we're just so excited to be a part of that. I'm really looking forward to it. Honestly it, since day one, has been one of the tours that we have so been, sort of, like crossing our fingers for. We so wanted to be a part of, of what he's doing out there on the road."

You can see a complete list of The Band Perry‟s 2012 tour dates on their web site.

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